Credits of the IMDB persuasion


Other Local and Independent Credits listed below

Goodwin's Way, sound design, editing, mix, Vancouver 2016

A documentary about Ginger Goodwin directed by Neil Vokey.


People Make Vancouver, sound design, editing, mix, Vancouver 2016

On going portrait series from Amar Chebib and Luminus Films.


Cry Like a Rainy Day, sound design, editing, mix, Vancouver 2015

A tragi-comedy written and directed by Michael Thoma.


EcoMusicology, recording, editing, mix, Vancouver 2015

A series of music videos and soundscapes created in collaboration with The David Suzuki Foundation and Emily Carr University.


The More Beautiful World, sound design, editing, mix, Vancouver 2015

Filmed at the seashore at Findhorn in Northern Scotland, Charles Eisenstein talks about grief, not-knowing, and finding a path forward. Directed by Ian MacKenzie. 


The Lapse Podcast, sound design, editing, mix, Vancouver 2015

A podcast of true stories told by the people they happend to.


Tandava Yoga Promo, recordist, sound design, mix, Vancouver 2014

A short promo  for Tandava Yoga Studio. 


Our Place Our Children, sound design, editing, mix, Vancouver 2014

A documentary  about a family's journey of remembrance.


Dear Guardians, sound design, editing, mix, Vancouver 2014

A short film about the Guardians of The Temple at Burning Man. Vimeo Staff Pick directed by Ian MacKenzie. 


On The Validity of Illusion, sound design, editing, mix, Vancouver 2014

A multi-media and video installation by Deborah Edmeades.


Flash, sound design, editing, mix, Vancouver 2014

A short film about finding love in unlikely circumstances. Written by Marina Benitez Lazzarotto.

Freedom Babies, sound design, editing, mix, Vancouver 2014

A short documentary, by Doreen Manuel, about First Nations children growing up in BC.

Dr. Bernstein, recordist, Vancouver 2014

TV and radio promo for Dr. Bernstein Diet.

Exploring Canada, sound design, editing, mix, Vancouver 2014

Three shorts, by Ian Mackenzie, shot in NWT.

Making of Humans, sound design, editing, mix, Vancouver 2014

A short, by Ian Mackenzie, exploring the meaning of death.


Wajd, sound design, editing, mix, composer, Vancouver 2014

A feature documentary about music and politics in the middle east.


True Love Waits, sound design, editing, Vancouver 2013

A short narrative by Jon Ornoy.

Lucky Spirits, sound design, editing, mix, Vancouver 2013

A short film by Doreen Manuel based on a First Nations story handed down by aural tradition.

Meaning Of Death, sound design, editing, mix, Vancouver 2013

A short film by Ian MacKenzie on the nature of existence.


Reactor, sound design,  editing, Vancouver 2013

A half hour documentary about a buddhist teacher's pilgrimage to Japan during the Fukushima crisis. Directed by Ian MacKenzie


Lewis Carroll In Wonderland, assistant sound editor, foley recordist, Vancouver 2013

A short 3D tribute to Lewis Carroll, directed by Rachel Talalay.


Untitled by Sebnem Ozpeta, music composer, Vancouver 2013

A short video detailing a journey to the artists home country of Turkey.


3 Inches Of Blood, sound editor, sound design, sound mixer, Vancouver 2013

A feature documentary that follows the popular Heavy Metal band on their tour across Canada.


Occupy Love Trailer, sound editor, Vancouver 2012

A trailer for the feature documentary about the Occupy Movement.


Media Lab, sound recordist field recording, Seattle 2012

A soundscape project involving the sounds of Helsinki and Seattle.


Natural Capital, Emily Carr University & David Suzuki Foundation, sound editor, Vancouver 2012

An exhibition and screening of a series of 15 short films.  


SFU, Public Square "One Voice" video, sound assistant,  Vancouver 2012

A music video of the song "One Voice" written by Juno award-winning Canadian singer/songwriter, Ruth Moody. 


Visible City Videossound design, sound mixer, sfx editor,  Vancouver 2012

A virtual audio, video series and web application focusing on the history of Vancouver’s neon signs for The Vancouver Museum.


Fractured Land demosound design, sound mixer, sfx editor,  Vancouver 2012

A demo for a feature documentary, a work in progress about an indigenous warrior fighting to save his land and his people. 


Hellbound the movie, assistant to re-recording mixer Murray Stiller, sound design, Vancouver 2012

A feature documentary about hell.


The Old Woman in the Woods, assistant to re-recording mixer Murray Stiller, sound design, foley artist/recordist, Vancouver 2012

A short film adapted from “The New Mother” by Lucy Lane Clifford. Directed by Caroline Coutts.


Strange Fate, sound designer, sound mixer, Vancouver 2012

A short mockumentary about the disappearance of a visual artist, by Deborah Edmeades


The Dancing Cop, music composer and arranger, Vancouver 2012

This musical short film was directed by Kelvin Redvers. I composed and arranged the music in a Broadway style. This film was screened at the Toronto International Film Festival 2012 and other festivals.


The Seeker, sound designer, vancouver 2011

A video installation created by multi faceted artist Deborah Edmeades who has shown work internationally, spanning the globe from the far east to the americas.